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Exhibition: Temporary Museum  For New Design
Milano Design Week 2014
production: prototype

“The umbrella and the container”…CUP is a project by the eclectic Italian designer Alessandro Busana, founder of hOle designstudio. CUP is an archetypical and iconographic object that gives the umbrella a new function…leaving a mark (without leaving a mark) on gray rainy days.

Hole Designtudio explored the theme of the umbrella with their typical unconventional approach, considering the object as incomplete, an object to give a new identity through a new functional improvement.
CUP confers a new aesthetic personality to the umbrella, avoiding the creation of water stains on the floor guaranteeing total functional independence to the object.
The umbrella stand no longer becomes necessary since you can lean or hang the umbrella close to you, without leaving it unattended.

Alessandro Busana: “The umbrella is a seemingly anonymous and ordinary object but it has always fascinated me. Its ability to evolve itself instantly, gaining volume and functionality led me to approach the project with the same simplicity and spontaneity. Taking inspiration from the open shape of the umbrella, I thought of a container element reminiscent of its archetypical form, creating a functional plus integrated as much as possible with the object of origin. The result is the combination between a common object and an unexpected foreign element that carries out an elementary function evoking curiosity and surprise.”